wordpress plugin : wp-picasa-image


This is my first plugin, it’s very simple and light.


You just need to copy the address of the pictures from Picasa album, then this plugin will help you modify the address to show in you posts. If the address of picture is not from Picasa, it won’t do anything.

The plugin has been embeded into backstage editor, so you don’t need to modify the theme files.

Requires Version:

I just test it with 2.8. If anyone found bug on other lower version, please let me know.

Plugin Version: 1.0

Download: wp-picasa-image (download)


4 responses to “wordpress plugin : wp-picasa-image

  1. yes,it is very simple and light.

  2. 阿闳

    这一套插件是否可以有在WP后台直接上传到 PICASA 呢?

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